Unixil G cool

IR refl ecting siloxane acrylic smooth render finish 1.5 and 2.0
Unixil G cool


Unixil G cool is a render finish, which is distinguished within the Jubizol facade system by 25 % lower level of heating of the surface; Special IR reflecting pigments are used in the manufacture of shades; they are the result of multiannual researches financed by the EU funds. Unixil G cool combines the best characteristics of acrylic and silicone render finishes. Applied render finish provides a  distinctive equally grained appearance. It adheres well to all fine-coarse construction surfaces.


  • It ensures up to 25 % lower level of heating of the surface within the JUBIZOL facade system
  • The render finish is distinguished by easy application and low toughness due to the selected ratio between fine and rough sand fillings;
  • Longer treatment time;
  • High water repellency and strength;
  • High resistance to atmospheric loads;
  • Relatively high water vapour permeability;
  • Suitable as the render finish on contact EWI systems made on mineral wool;
  • Long-term resistance to infection with wall algae and mould.


Steel finishing trowelAirless spray gunMixingCircling smoothingTool cleaning with water


2,5 kg/m2 for 1.5 granulation

3,1 kg/m2 for 2.0 granulation


Container 25 kg.


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

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10 selected darker shades under the JUB colour chart: 4660, 1500, 1501, 1490, 3420, 1190, 1140, 1130, 1120 and 1090, all with the value Y<25.

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