JUBIN Decor universal

Wood varnish
JUBIN Decor universal


JUBIN Decor Universal is intended for decorative protection of and simple objects made of wood, steel, iron, copper, zinc and aluminium, for ex.: wooden roof constructions, eaves and other sidings, wooden fences, wooden building furniture, garden furniture and radiators, also radiator hoses (temperature up to 60 ° C), housing of machinery, construction canopies, etc.. The product is intended for using on wood suitable for both external and the internal surface. Steel, iron, copper, zinc or aluminium can be painted only within a construction project. JUBIN Decor universal dries quickly and is available in a wide range of colour shades. JUBIN Decor universal can also be used to coat children's toys and playground equipment.


  • Environmentally sound and userfriendly product;
  • It is distinguished by quick drying;
  • Without distinctive odour;
  • Harmless to heath;
  • Suitable for decorative protection of children’s toys and playground equipment; 
  • UV protection against the sun; 
  • Easy to apply;
  • Extremely low content of vaporous organic substances (VOS).



BrushRollerTool cleaning with water


60 do 80 ml/m2 for a one-coat application

140 ml/m2 for two-coat application


Plastic pot holding 0.65 l and 2.25 l


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

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Colour shades
  • White (1001), yellow (2), ochre (3), red (4), blue (5), green (6), grey (7), dark brown (8), and black (9);
  • Base 1000 and base 2000;
  • The JUB colour chart;
  • The RAL Classic colour chart.

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Colour chart

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The JUB Home Painter simplifies the selection of colours and textures with typical  examples.
For any JUBIZOL ETIC system you decide to purchase, we offer a discount for the price of a colour study.
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